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What is the hp rating for a 525EXC? How about a 625 or 640?

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My dream bike right now is a licensed 525 EXC but in doing some research (bikez.com, however reliable that data is and some other websites), I read that the KTM 525 EXC is rated at 44.4 hp while the 625 was rated at only 32.4 hp. That can't be right, can it? Even though the 625 showed a very respectable 45 NM of torque or 33.1 ft-lbs vs. 29.5 ft-lbs. for the WR426.

I have read in a few places that my Yamaha WR426 puts out 47 hp @9800 rpm. Are these KTM hp numbers reliable at all? I would hate to eventually get my dream bike (525 EXC) just to find out that it is slower than my WR426! At least it has about the same weight (248 vs. 250 lbs) and it has a 6th gear! Oh how I wish that my WR426 had a 6th gear. Any reliable power output data would be great!

KTM's website puts the 640 adventure and the 625 SMR at 40 kw or 53.6 hp.

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