Xr650l 14/45

so I hear alot of L riders like to run 14 /45 sprockets vice 14 /48. I would think this would give you a bit more top end while maintaining more torque down low. Is this the case?

I run a 15/45 on my L and it has great highway speed. I have run the 14/45 it's great for off road but I ride mostly highway. It's cheaper and easier to change the front sprocket than the rear. JMO :thumbsup::ride:

I like the 14 / 48 for off raod but I am finding it too buzzy for the street, used to loaf at 55-60 in 5th now it is like you should still have one gear left. Thinking of leaving the 14 on and putting the stock 45 back on.

I am running 14/45 with D606's. It is perfect for my riding style/area. It goes as fast i can legally go on the freeway (65mph, honest mr. ossifer, i wasnt going 75...) without sounding like a weedwhacker on espresso & has plenty down low for puttering around on trails in the woods. The 48 would be better for the woods, but the 45 works better for me all around.

14/45 is best for all around use....14/48 for mostly dirt and 15/45 for street.

I am currently running 14/42 and it is great for the 30 miles of expressway to and from work.

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