How is the 450 working out for the lightweights

Sold my 02 WR250 and am going to buy new. I was going to get the 250 again but I am wondering about the 450. I am 5'9 150lb on a good day. With the 250 it seams to be working hard most of the time to keep in the power. With the 450

it would have tons more torque and could short shift more, however I haven't ridden one to compare. What I hear allot is the 450's wear you out, more power and weight. Appreciate some feedback...

Hey Dan250,

Yer gona need to change your name to Dan450. Ya the 450 is a bit heavier, however the suspension is much better engineered than the 02 250. The 450 will not beat you up, they're pretty nice from the factory. Not much of a closed course track bike, however the best all around bike on the market. I've seen a few post that some guys have their 14 year old sons at 150lbs riding these things just fine. Make the up-grade to the 450 and you wont regret it. The dealers are selin the 06's for a sweet price right now. Wait a little longer and get the 07. :thumbsup:

i am 5'11" 200 LBS the only thing that gets tired is my butt on the concrete seat and very muddy rutted terrain(poopin quads) but you would be happier on the 450 less wear and tear and its only 20 lbs? heavier. the bottom end power is very nice for tight stuff. take 1 for a test run b4 you buy it tho. bought mine new without a trst drive ) and it scared the poop out of me til i got used to it...(could be a good thing tho)

Yes a test drive for a day would be great but I don't think that will happen. I mostly trail ride and do some hills. So the best I will get is a comparison, if you have or have had both bikes let me know how it worked out for you. Here is my theory, more money up front but savings on mods (will have all the power needed) and not working the motor as hard should save in maintenance and last longer.

I am 6' and 210 lbs. I was looking at WR250's but ended up getting a WR426 and I still want more power. I am really glad I didn't get serious about a 250 four stroke. Once you use one on the street (mine is plated) you will definitely want more power. I wish my 426 had more power but for trail use it is just about perfect. It has torque for single tracks and can rev for wide-open fireroads. It is easier to control than a 2 stroke 250 and feels about the same weight when you are riding hard on the trails.

If the power of a WR450 is intimidating, you can leave the throttle stop, grey wire, airbox lid and baffle in until you get used to the power and can ride it fairly hard.

I have the 450. I'm about 210 right now and it is just fine for me. I am 5-9.

The bike scared the hell out of me in the beginning (and still does), so I take it easy in the beginning. Recent injuries make it easier for me to remember to take it easy.

If you can handle the weight, then the engine is great. Personally, I wish it were lighter. When you get stuck on an uphill climb, or you fall into the ditch and need to drag the bike out, you will feel the weight of the bike. However, until that happens, it will seem as light as a feather.

I really love my 450. Been riding fit or two full years. The bike makes amazing power. The power combined with the Yamaha frame geomentry makes the WR450 one of the best long hill climb bikes of all time. A few times I have rode with 5 or more riders and they got stuck on hill climbs. My bike however with a rekluse was able to tractor up anything and never, ever run out of power.

But . . . I am 5 ft 11 about 190 pounds. Almost 39 years old. At least for me, the 450 wears me out after a few hours of trail riding. I really love my WR and have always been a blue rider. I will keep my WR for another year but my next bike will likely be a KTM 250 or 300 2 smoke. Both bikes, particularly the 300, have almost as much grunt as the 450 but feel much lighter on the trail.

I completely agree that most 250 4 strokes are underpowered for the amount of money they cost. I have seen more big bore kits, however, to make the 250 into a 290 or something like that. More low down power and still get to keep the magic button. Another option to consider.

I have the dinosaur version, the WR400. At 5'-7" 160 lbs., I had some trouble keeping it vertical when I first bought it. I shaved the seat foam and lowered the front forks about 1/2", and now it is awesome. I had an 02' WR250, and they don't compare. You will thank yourself for buying a 450. Easy to ride, easy to maintain, and tons of power.

Any more thoughts form the guys that came from a 250f. I would be good with more power that's what the change would be for, it's just the weight thing. Could be Dan450 in the future.

Well guys I am only 5'4'' and 130 lbs and I am able to ride my 98 wr 400 without a problem. Yes it does take it out of me if I am riding hard all day, i mean the bike has 140lbs on me! But I was riding my dads xr 200 when I was ten, I just love the power of the big thumpers and the fact I can do wheelies with throttle only in 1,2,3 gear has me sold. I wouldn't ride anything smaller.

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