Valve Shims

What other valve shims would work in my 01 426,Yamaha dealer does not stock any.Kawazaki,Honda,etc.Thanks

I used Hotcams and bought the whole shim kit (in 7.48mm) so I have some extra. PM me when you know which shims you need. The stealerships are a PITA and too expensive IMHO. :thumbsup:

Thanks but as usual in a hurry.Have a enduro this Sunday not sure they are out but figure I'd better check them they were close last time.Mike

Any 9.48mm valve lash shim will work. Honda CRF450, KXF450, and I believe the RMZ450 all use this size. The Honda dealer will certainly have some.

Thanks that gives more places to look :ride::thumbsup:

all the shim type ( big four) 450 mxers use 9.48mm shims , as do the 450 quads

250's use 7.48mm

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