Jetting for Colorado

I've gone twice with only a little power loss on stock. I did the the Dave's Mods and need to know what jets to get for this trip. Help ....I leaving in a week!!

I'm running: 65S, 162, F needle w/ clip in 3rd pos, fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out.

Unifilater air filter and uncorcked stock muffler.

Hope this helps!

thanks!!! :thumbsup:

Hold on now. Danbart is talking about a 650R, I *think* Vega is talking about a 650L. Gotta be specific, as 650R jetting is way richer than what you need for your L.

Yes, Yes. It is an "L". I am currently running Dave's Mods. with an after market pipe. It runs great in the NC around 5,000 ft. These mods were done after Colorado last year. Noticed a little power reduction going over some of the high passes last year.

Don't they all come the same??? What does a Honda dealer do for his customers in Colorado?? :thumbsup:

Interesting question

They must do something to compensate, I bought a Magna on Colfax in Denver & it ran perfectly. I rode it to New York for storage when i got transferred overseas and had to have it rejetted as it ran like hell when i got it here.

Sorry! Specifying bike type normally helps.

Don't they all come the same??? What does a Honda dealer do for his customers in Colorado?? :thumbsup:


You have to gett it rejetted off the showroom floor and they charge you $60 if they do it!

I would remove the shim on the needle. That leans it out in the middle part of the throttle. The main only really controls 3/4 to wide open throttle. If you will be riding single track, there isn't too much wide open happening. On my 600, I find that dropping the needle is required when doing extended riding above 7000 or so feet. It makes a much bigger difference to rideability than changing the main.

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