for sale, 2001, only two miles

I've got a 2001 WR426, only two miles, for sale. $5,500. totally stock. Located in Lunenburg, MA

or 978-582-4733

Why in the world would you spend 6K on 426 put 2 miles on it and then sell it?

This has got to be good! I smell S T O R Y....

Bonzai :)

His butt is stuck to a new 520 and it will not release him til he gets rid of the blue machine. :)

I boughtit for the performance, but also have a nice array of two strokes, a YZ250, a KDX250, a trials bike, etc. I love the feel of the two stroke and have been frustrated starting the WR when it is hot. I just bought a KTM as a dual sport and the WR is superfluous.

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