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pics of 70s

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arnt you a mod on PM? :thumbsup:

Yup, doesn't mean I don't visit other forums though. : )

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hey sry about that I fixed the link, Its not racehead, its just the trailbikes kit with the 20mm carb and hc piston. I cant really say how the perfomance is compared to stock because I just bought the bike and put in the kit before i rode it. I do love it though, very fast even with the stock gearing. I think if I drop a tooth or 2 in the front it will really rip. I'll get some better pics outside tommorow.

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Ours is a stock 01, with the airbox mod and baffle out:


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we put 50 fenders on our 70s and it makes it look sweet. its more modard. i will try to get some pics on here.

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your son is one lucky boy, that is a sweet bike, whats with the fork covers? are they just for looks or are they a fuctioning product? and what fork/swinger/shock combo are you running?

The fork covers are just for looks, I just don't like the look of long travel fork with the small 27mm upper tube.

Build sheet

We started with a brand new 99 xr70 for my son when he was 5 years old and worked on the bike as needed.

He is now ten and his riding buddies all have ktm or rm 65's but he loves his bike and likes to build his bike rather than buy a new one. (He loves pit bikes)

With that said here is are build as of now.

Stock xr70 frame with top shock mount made for a ktm 65 shock.

02 xr70 plastic's and gripper seat cover.

Pro taper bars.

BBR top clamp

Forks are 05 crf100 that I cut down the top tube 3in. I made long travel damper rods with short top out bumpers making 8in of travel.

The damper rods I put smaller oil flow holes so that I can use 5wt oil.

Most people use 20wt to slow the forks but the oil stays at the top of the fork around the spring and takes to much time to travel back down to the bottom of the fork making air cavation in the damping.

The more travel of the fork made me need more oil than the top fork tube could hold when fully bottomed.

I made two canisters on each fork that fit between the triple clamps that I made two holes in the fork tubes for the oil to go in and out.

I can put the oil height real high to Keep the damper rod covered with oil at all times and the 5wt oil flows back down faster.

Springs are crf80 and one BBR HD.

The rear swing arm is a staggs that is 16inch, I reworked the shock mount to make it the same as the KTM set up.

The shock is a KTM 65sx with compression and rebound adjusters.

We have tested the suspension and made changes to the forks the springs and valving on the shock and have the bike working vary well.

The motor is now a Lifan 131cc monster head

The head I cut the ID of the valve seats to the max, ported and matched all the intake.

High compression piston 12:1

crowerpower cam and matching valve springs.

Keihin PE 24mm carb with Uni filter

Kitaco inner-rotor

Two Brothers pipe

Skid plate

I made 1 ½ in peg extensions for more legroom and reworked the rear brake pedal.

I made a longer clutch arm on the motor for a lighter pull.

This motor pulls hard and my son is able to keep up with his buddies on the two smokes 65s

The next up grade needs to be disc brakes.

My son was a part of this build all the way.



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