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Radiator Cap tolerances 98 CR250 Radiator on 500AF?

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At altitudes above/near 5000 feet above sea level, on tight slow trails, my 98 CR500AF is "tea kettling" (blowing steam by the radiator cap, using engine ice).

I have changed the stock 1.1 (approx 6lb) cap out with another stock 1.1 and the same "tea kettling" was occuring, but less.

I heard that at higher altitudes, it is sometimes necissary to use a higher poundage radiator cap. The next cap size I was able to find was a 13 lb cap from the local auto parts store.

My question is this; Will the 13 lbs cap hurt the cooling system if I run it at altitudes above/near 5000-7000 feet?

The radiator is off the bike getting refurbished by a local radiator repair shop, to try and get everything out of the 250 radiator. Any information appreciated.

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