what p.s.i should i run for sand with a paddle tire

I'm going to pismo and not to sure what p.s.i i should run on the front and rear with a paddle ? I ride a 05 Wr450F...Thanks

Your average, 13-15 should be fine. I don't think it would matter as much for sand riding, because sand is such a forgiving surface.

I would imagine you could run low pressures, ie 10psi and under, because pinch flats wont be a problem in sand.

Experiment!, see what you like best, try different pressures!

I dont have a paddle tire, but most vehicle tires need to have LOW tire pressure in the sand. My truck wont go 2 feet into the sand unless i air the tires down to 15 psi. So, for a paddle, you could start out with standard 15 psi pressure, and slightly drop it until it feels good.

Ever try a fresh knobby in the dunes?

i've run a paddle tire in sand dunes for a few years now and run as little air as possiable. i'd say 8psi or so. when i sit on the bike i want it to really squat when on the pavement. it hooks up way better than the 15 your suposed to run. run with the valve stem lock nuts so they don't tough the rim and you can tell if the tire starts to spin on the rim. if so add more air or check rim locks. hope this helps. enjoy much better than a knobbie tire on the sand.

when you going to pismo????? this weekend or August 5th? i ride a 06 WR and i leave mine at 15 and its fine

I run 11 psi at the Emperial Dunes outside of Yuma AZ, It has worked fine for years

10-11 psi for me.


I don't know how much clearance you have on the WR, but on my CRF the paddle grows and hits the swing arm if I go below 10 psi. I've had all different brands of paddle tires. They don't seem to hook any better with them aired down.

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