which silencer works for bottom and mid power?

run alot of tight hilly woods, no run for hills, lots of log crossing.

still have the stock wr silencer with no baffle, I'm going to use the stock head pipe, so which would work the best.

bike is yz timed

I've been using the White Brothers titanium hi-boy head pipe mated to their carbon fiber silencer(comes with a riveted end cap and no discs) that brought the bottom end alive like King Kong! I think it's modify-able with a spark arrestor as long as you are willing to drill out the rivets and install the discs. There are probably better alternatives but I use my bike as MX only. Not much help, huh?

Oooops...just realized that I was on the WR side...not the YZ.. :)

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[This message has been edited by Boit (edited 01-11-2001).]

I have the fmf megamax 2. It is tunable with disks and quiet insert and can be the quieter pipe you can find. it is a bottom-mid booster and work perfectly.

White Brothers S bend shorty is the best for low to mid range power. :)

I have to agree with MECH. I also have a WB E series S-bend with the standard WB headpipe, and it wakes up the bottom quite well.

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