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Jetting from the STICKY

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Top of this thread.... I am NOT finding those item numbers in the TT Store.

Even typed into the search function....I feel STOOPID

Could not find the N100 or the MK # anywhere....HELP PLEASE

TTR125L 2005

1. Stock carb jetting

Mikuni VM20SS

17.5 pilot

110-120 main, (depending on mods)

The needle works best in the stock position, or middle clip.

Jets can be found here: http://www.sudco.com/ The mains are the N100.604 Large Round Type, and pilots are the VM28/486 Type.

You can order the correct TTR125 jets right from the Thumpertalk marketplace.

Large round type Mikuni main jets (N100.604)

107.5 TT part #MK-183

110.0 TT part #MK-184

112.5 TT part #MK-185

115.0 TT part #MK-186

117.5 TT part #MK-187

120.0 TT part #MK-188

VM28/486 Pilot Jets

17.5 TT part #MK-031

20.0 TT part #MK-032

They're $1.93 each

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Call them. I could look them up and give you the links, but the way their ordering system is structured you'd probably still end up with the wrong stuff.

They're extremely nice and helpful, just give them a call and you'll get exactly what you need for your bike and eliminate the online ordering confusion.

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