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DJ kit and eratic idle

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I just put a DJ jetting kit on my new 06 DR650 along with opening the top of airbox and installing a K&N filter Running DJ needle with clip 4th notch down, 155 MJ, drilled the extra hole in slide for better response. Pilot screw is 1-15/16th turns out. Starts great hot or cold, runs fantastic, lots more power over stock, very strong top and middle, decent bottom. Only thing i have not ironed out is idle, although solid, creeps up at a light after motor is at full temp. If you sit at light longer than normal it just takes off. Also i'm getting decel popping. I've been sneaking up on pilot screw adj., starting at 1.5 turns out to get best transition although as i back it out, the idle will also go up which seems to help with the decel popping but when i lower the idle to normal rate the popping comes back. I don't believe the jetting kit is at fault here because the idle would creep up before i installed it. Bike has 900 miles on it. Can you help???

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