rear tire will it fit??

OK so i tried searching to see if any one else had this problem/question and came up with nothing but anyways i bought a tire at highpoint cause it was cheap and very close to brand new and really didn't pay attention to size its a DUNLOP SPORTS D756 120/80-19 and i want to know if anyone had any problems with 120's fitting on a kx250f cause the stock is a 100 and it looks pretty tight just want to know it it'll fit before swapping tires


no worries, will fit easy.

thanks i'll propally swap them tomorrow night

yeah koolio, the only way it wouldn't fit, would be if it wont fit in between the swing arm, test that just by putting the tire through the swing arm to check for clearance. A 120 is a fair bit for a 250f to pull through, add's alot of stress to the engine and doesn't Rev as freely, but i rekn ya should be right.

Yeah it will fit but it may rob some of your power. It's harder to spin that big wide tire unless your in loose sand. Go with a 110.

I have alos heard that a wider tire give the rear more bit and can cause the front to push.

plus it will pinch the tire and cause it to have a higher profile.

Do not put a 120 on a 250f. it will do nothing but make the motor sluggish. The bike doesn't put out enough torque to justify a 120. Leave it alone.

a 120 will be too much, but I think a 110 is fine. I have a 110 on right now, I like it and I have not noticed a loss of power.

Nar you have it now you may aswell put it on...

But yeh, a 120 is a bit to much like i said for a 250, my mate uses them on his CR250 and thats it.

I run AC10's and MH3's--110's on my 250, some times a S12, and never had a drama.

depends on ur weigh too. if u weight 150 or under u can run a 120. i did to help me corner better while i was learning how to ride the big bike. but now i run a 90 since i have learned to lean alot better. a 120 will work with very light riders

yea i weigh abt 150 but will it really make that much of a difference, should i just go buy a 100

If you already have the tire just use it

i run a 130 michelin s-12 and it fits fine...most pros use 130's

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