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Brakes squeaking - fix it Q?

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This has got me sweating bullets. Did I screw up my rear disc brake or is this something with a straight forward fix? :thumbsup:

Problem: Brand New '06 KTM 625 SMC. Stock counter sprocket was a 17T, so changed out to a 15T. In process had to readjust chain tension. Used chain adjusters as best I could to match left and right side equally. While there, changed basic position of foot brake pedal by adjusting push rod and stop roller. There is the recommended 3-5 mm free play on the foot pedal before piston in the brake cylinder moves.

With bike on the lift, the rear wheel spins freely, but with a very slight brake pad rubbing for about 1/4 of the rotation. Is this okay? Don't see why only a 1/4 rotation. Should it not be rubbing at all?

Now out on the road using the brake I get a SQUEAK!!!!. Not all the time. Not under hard braking, but seems like under easy braking as the pads start to grab. Very scary metal rubbing sound. I've got a picture to post, but don't know how.

Question: Could this be because of mis-aligned chain adjusters? What is tolerance on getting left and right side equal?

Could this be because of me accidently getting grease/oil/dirt/whatever on the disc or pads while working down there? If so, how to clean?

Could this be because of imsaligned brake pads? I did pull them out of the caliper to see what they looked like. I put them back same way cause it is so easy, I think.

HELP!! It is driving me nuts worry about screwing up the disc or other components. It should not squeak at all.

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