Hotcam Breakin question.

I have a question about the hotcam insructions, it says you should recheck valve clearances after the first hour of runtime.

Is this necessary, have you guys done this?

Thats the last thing i want to do all over again after half of a ride, especially if it is unneccesary :thumbsup:

All i want to do is install and riiidde :ride:

Is my question unreasonable?, or does just nobody know?

I really want to know this, my cam should be in on monday..

After I reassembled everything I fired it up and let it run for a couple of minutes to make sure everything was seated and checked the clearances again to make sure I was still in spec. Then I re-checked again after my first ride (which was longer than an hour) and they were still in spec. I think the one hour thing is just a recommendation, if it goes and hour I am sure it will make it a couple more but I would definitely recheck it after your first ride.

I would like to know what difference the cams make if they are worth it.

My valve clearance didn't change after the Hot Cams installation. I checked it just to be safe.

I would like to know what difference the cams make if they are worth it.

Oh yea! :thumbsup: The Hot Cams help the mid-range and top end power a lot.

I wold check them. The lift on the hot cams is greater than stock, and the ramp up and ramp down angles are a bit steeper. Therefore, your valves are accelerating and decelerating faster than before. If the seats or heads are marginal (ie ready for replacement), your clearances will change rapidly when you install the more aggressive cams. Checking them in about an hour's worth of riding (two or three won't kill you!) will give you a good indication of the health of the rest of your valve train.

Yes, the hot cams do help the midrange and really help the big end!

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