Ethanol Premimum Gas

I am not sure if this discussion has been raised. On the East Coast many gas station only have Premimum with 10% ethanol. If you are using this type of gas what are your expereinces? Could you aslo recommend whcih premimum brands your are using sucessfully on a stock YZ450?

premium unleaded is not required to use ethanol (like regular low-smog blends) but it's hard to find it without it. the biggest problem is shelf life. the alcohol looses it's bang after a while. use fresh gas. if it's more than a week or two old, pour it in your truck.

Any of the 'alcohol' fuels like Methanol, Ethanol, or any blends thereof have 2 problems (for cars and motorcycles anyway)

The 'alcohol' part absorbs water out of the air a lot faster than pure gasoline. Also, the alcohol part has less energy density than gasoline. ie: you will get lower MPG on it, or any blend of it beucase there is less combustion energy per gallon of fuel.

What this means is you'd have to re-jet your bike (cars have EFI), and always, ONLY, use fresh fresh fuel.

The new GM Flex-Fuel cars will end up costing more in the long run because they will get less MPG on the E85 fuel. But you're saving the whales and trees!!!

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