Admins...why isn't this working?

Go just a bit deeper when looking at the photo in Photopoint.

Basically click on the photo until you are viewing only that photo on its own page. Then copy the URL.


Let me try this

Ok. now I am lost. I just noticed Bryan put a link in the first post. But I changed the link before I noticed it. Sorry about that bryan. I'm a computer idiot still.

What I did is copy the Photo point auto link and it still didn't work. Any ideas on the problem.

Ok, I basically clicked on the photo I wanted until I got to a point where clicking on it didn't take me anywhere else. Then I copied the address in the address bar.

Then click on the image button at the bottom of your messase under Instant UBB Code. Then paste in the address.


Did I mention this is in my signiture and not the message itself?

I don't know about all the computer stuff, but the pictures were great! I've been there on a mountain bike, it was hot in July and yeah there isn't much shade!!

The link address is correct. I paid up my Photopoint dues today so it is active :) But for some reason the link will not work. Any ideas?


[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Bryan Bosch ]

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