header guard for 400

I installed a new White Bros titanium header pipe on my '98 wr400. Its already suffered one small dent and has also melted holes through all my riding pants and my leg on several occasions. I have been looking for a carbon fiber header guard with no luck. Didn’t know if any of you use one and could make a recommendation? I found one for the stock pipe, but the WB’s header doesn’t have any mounting tabs.



Gidday Ian,

Aussie wr400f 2000 model i own has the stock headder pipe and i also bought a GYTR headder pipe cannot tell them appart. I think US & Aussie bikes are somewhat differing in some parts i see all the air pipe mods you have to do we dont have this pipe!!

Try ballards.com.au or a parts shop in US see if they do have KTM pipe gards that you could modify ....

Good Luck


E-Line Accessories...I have one installed on my '99 WR400F to protect a White Brothers E-Series pipe.

www.carbonfiberworks.com makes one for the White Bros. hedder, says it fits '03 and '04 so I don't know if it will work or not. Its not free though, :thumbsup:

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