soft water for coolant

In the 06' manual it says,

"Hard water or salt water is harmful to the engine parts. You may use distilled water, if you can’t get soft water."

So its just softened tap water right? From reading through the posts it looks like most people use distilled water but according to the manual soft water is preferred.

"Soft" water contains an unexpectedly large amount of salt, and all kinds of other dissolved minerals. Don't use it. Distilled water contains nothing, is cheap and available everywhere. Use that.

and it taste good

I wondered if something was lost in the translation???

From Japanese to English, in a service manual? What would make you ask a question like that? :thumbsup:

Gray, it was the dammed entertainment system I bought...made in China. It said......Note, DANGER!!!! Unit must be assembeled before use...!!!

i rust run straight engine ice. works good!

i rust run straight engine ice. works good!
....another translation problem? :ride:

(it does work well, but the question was about water :thumbsup: )

.....Note, DANGER!!!! Unit must be assembeled before use...!!!
We could start a warning labels thread. My favorite was the valve spring compressor (U.S. made) that was stamped, "Do not use on a running engine."

No harm in giving a plug to engine ice. It is a relatively inexpensive product and no water needed. Its what i use also

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