Ideas on strange noise

I've got a 94 xr600r, runs flawlessly but in the last week or so has developed a loud click type sound coming somewhere from the swing arm mount area I think. It's not constant but fairly consistent upon compression of the suspension. I have scoured over the whole bike and can not find anything out of whack. Rides fine on the trails. Sounds almost like a large size nut on a string that keeps whacking the frame!?? I know its hard to diagnose without hearing it but any ideas or previous experiences with the like would be appreciated!!

Thanks All!

I would start by disassembling and inspecting the bearings in your swingarm pivot and linkages. IF your bearings are not toasted, then clean and regrease them... I know you probably have grease zerks but nothing beats a good cleaning and relubing. My '00 650R started creaking not long ago, mostly when I moved it from sitting. I regreased the swingarm/linkage and steering head and everything was DRY. No more creaks...

dude tear it apart, might be a bearing :thumbsup:

Put the bike on a stand so the rear wheel is off the ground. Grab the rear wheel and move it up and down. Feel for slop in the bearings of the shock, the suspension linkage, and the wheel bearings. If the wheel can only be moved a little then all is OK. If it moves a lot, then it's time to take it apart. I don't know what the limit is for that movement. Even new bikes have a little play. Just guessing 1/4 inch or less is good. If it's much more than that I'd start tearing it apart.

It's a good thing to take the linkage apart every couple of years to clean and regrease everything. If you run it in deep water often, then maybe every 6 months.

I did do that and there is no play in the bearings...thats what confuses me...its also an intermitten "click" sound not the traditional worn bearing grind/squeek :thumbsup:

Make sure all suspension nuts and bolts are tight not just snug, check the top shock bolt allso and it's worth tightening motor mounts, grease the links if there are grease fittings, might try loosening the exhaust and retighten it, good luck.

Heres what i found before.......

Your swing arm bolt at the frame... the frame hole could be oblong and the bolt is moving up and down... another thing that took me forever to find and still clicks to this day is the orbital bearing at the top of your monoshock.. It clicks.. I have read every article and asked every honda mech alive and they all say this bearing always has some kind of small click.. I replaced it and still have a slight slick...i have an 96' xr600..

hey dude another thing.. I had my choke plate BREAK and suck into the carb a ruin my whole engine.!!!!!!!!. Spend the 40 bucks and buy the XR's only billet choke plate.. the older xr's always break.. And mine did last year... Cost me about 1000 dollars and lots of back breaking work...Another problem i had was the small rubber bushing went out around the kickstarter around the case!! Some jack-hole tried to tell me he needed to split the case to fix it!! WRONG ---I read my service manual and It pops right out the side with a small screw driver in about 13.5 seconds and costs 3 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing... make sure your rear wheel nut is always tight.. i had mine knock itself forward at a track and jam the chain up on the sprocket.. Nightmare..bent the snail and knocked teeth of my sprocket.. Not too expensive but not fun at all.. I almost went through a bobwire fence and and had many briuses and sore wrists.

I had my choke plate BREAK and suck into the carb a ruin my whole engine.!!!!!!!!. Spend the 40 bucks and buy the XR's only billet choke plate.. the older xr's always break..

I saved the $40 and just took the choke out completely. If it's warm the bike starts no problem. If it's cold I just lean it over so the carb "floods" a bit. Then it starts no problem. If it's real cold, like under 40, "flood" it more. I rode last winter when the temps were in the 30's. Colder than that and I don't ride.

If you do remove the choke completely, block off the hole. It helps if you have rejetted. The stock pilot is kind on on the lean side.

I live in AZ... Lately when its over 110 degrees..I dont ride..I didnt think i could remove the choke completely like you did.. I waited for about 3 month before i rode ...UPS lost my first plate..

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