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Lower Chain Roller on a 05kxf

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Well, I was riding up over Rollins pass Colorado, about 13000 ft, we stopped and took a break at a lake up there and I noticed my lower chain roller was laying on the ground.

My bike came equiped with a Pro Moto Billett kickstand and so there is a bolt that threads into it and goes through the roller, and then threads on the other end into a nut that is attatched to one of the links on the rear suspension.

So it is a bolt that threads on both ends to clarify.

I was able to get it back on good enough to get back down the hill and to my trailer, once home I saw that the bolt had sheared right where it threads into the lower link, and I do not see a good way to get it out. I cut a slot into it with my dremmel and tried to use a screwdriver to back it out but no luck.

There is a 17mm nut that the bolt goes into and I tried to break loose with no luck.

So am I screwed here? Or would an airgun get the 17mm nut off of the rear suspension? I am sorry for no pics, my camera broke.... :thumbsup:

I can try and get some pics, maybe my neighbor will let me borrow his digi cam tonight after work.

I hope this makes sense. Anyone else have something similar happen to them? suggestions....

I could go without the lower roller but I do like having the kickstand. It comes in handy where I ride

Thanks for the help in advance

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