Suspension Question-Race Tech Or Pro Circuit??

Gents I need your input badly

I have two opportunities to get discounted work done, 50% off from ProCircuit or 25% off from Race Tech. Who should I go with? both should be competent to redo my suspension, but who would do the better job.

I got the discounts from Round 5 of the WORC's, in Oregon. It was a blast to ride in and man do those Pro guys rip, it was sick. I had fun until a tree tried to do me in, they better watch it, I own a chain saw.

Thanks in advance.

Pro Circut has done awesome suspension work for me in the past.

use to have them do all my Dr & XR sled's..Haven't had them (or anybody else) do anything lately though.

well since you have the discount then I guess it wouldt help for me to mention CircuitOne suspension would it? they are up in Oregon, they do my roadrace bikes (GSXR750 and 1000) and i have never had a more knowledgeable couple guys do suspension EVER. these guys are the cream of the crop when it comes to suspension and I strongly suggest you look them up

25% saving isnt much when its done wrong....not to say either ProCircuit or RaceTech would do it wrong but there are other players and these guys are solid. 2 cents spent.

Pie Man!!

Hey, how are you doing? Haven't heard a peep from you in awhile!!

I have read many articles about Pro Circuit. Generally, they have in the past favored Pro settings for everybody: Ultra stiff and generally unridable. Maybe Bones Bacon has changed his personal settings and aims at the average joe? You can always ask to have suspension tuned for average non pro and woods riding...and see what happens.

As for Race Tech, I have read favorable articles on them.

At the Bud's Creek MX (2000), I had Pro Action do my forks only. I paid $320, which is waaaay above average. Overall, the forks may be better at landing after the 100' triple, but for woods riding, the forks are so stiff off the top, my arms were rendered useless riding the slickrock (ripples) in Moab. I missed a day of riding because the forks were so stiff, and my arms were toasted (swelling around the sheathing on my tendons). By dropping my compression, the forks would blow through the mid stroke too easily. I still have not found a favorable setting.

Moral of the story: Big shop names don't necessarily mean big shop gains (OK, I know that doesn't rhyme, but who's counting?).

50% is tough too ignore, though...

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I Love my Race Tech Suspension, Woods and Track...

Bonzai :)

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