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01 XR250 Jetting at 5500'

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Just bought an 01 XR250. Having a problem with full throttle - engine gets to a certain rpm, then stops accelerating - seems to sputter. Seems to get worse as engine warms up.

Tore carb down last night. Looked clean - no obvious damage or wear. A little gunk in the jet access nut (bottom of bowl), but nothing in bowl. Carb was setup as follows:

45 slow jet (stock)

128 main jet (132 is stock)

pilot screw 2.5 turns out

needle clip 3d groove from top (stock)

Except for the 128 main jet, I think the rest of the bike (e.g., exhaust, airbox) is stock.

I moved the needle clip up to the second groove (per service manual for altitude), put the carb back together and rode - it seemed a little better, but problem is still there.

Turned the pilot in 1.25 turns (to a setting of 1.25 out). Rode again - did not seem to have any impact on problem.

Do I need to go leaner on the main jet? 128 seems about right for 5500 feet??? Could it be something else? Sorry if this is TMI, but I’m running out of ideas...

I’d be grateful for any suggestions!

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