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o5 CRF230 jetting

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I am considering doing the power up kit as mentioned in the CRF150/230 forum to my 05 CRF230F.

It says that if you ride at or around sea level, to jet as follows:

132 main, 45 pilot and the power up needle with the clip on the 4th position

I live in Aus and ride in 10 to 30 degree celcius heat.

A few questions:

Will this setup wear out my engine quicker?

As it's intended to give more power does that mean it will use heaps more fuel?

If anyone has experience with jetting the 230 any advice would be great

PS I've read the whole jetting thread in the 230F forum and I don't want to waste any time or money though...just checking with you guys who know your jetting :thumbsup:

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