Promoto Billet Spark Arrestor

If you have a Promoto Billet Spark Arrestor make sure you check it frequently. Just pulled mine out and it was nearly completly clogged with muffler packing.........FYI :thumbsup:

Honestly, I don't see how it could have gotten like that if it was installed correctly...

You should be checking it regularly though anyway for carbon buildup. I've never seen any muffler packing on mine. :thumbsup:

I have seen packing on mine (stock exhaust) several times so I repacked the silencer. haven't ridden with it yet but the WB fiberglass wrap should hold up better.

Well, it was installed correctly, I will not use it now unless I'm in the National Forest. It is the original muffler packing. I should have taken pictures before I threw it away........

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