Shop Manual Errors

I ride a mechanically stock 1994 Honda XR650L and I have the 93-97 Honda Service Manual (61MY604). I recently have been diagnosing an intermittent no spark condition. Thanks to help from other posts in this forum, I believe I have isolated the problem to the CDI. Wiggling the CDI connector brings the spark plug back to life.

I went through each component to confirm they were working correctly, including checking the functionality of all of the safety switches (clutch, neutral, side stand). Other than the intermittent lack of spark, all indicators, swithces, and cutouts work as they should.

My issue is with the Troubleshooting steps in the service manual. I initially tried to diagnose the problem following the steps listed on pages 15-2 thru 15-6. In doing so I discovered some discrepancies that I am hoping someone can confirm or clear up.

1) The simplifed electrical diagram on page 15-2 shows a Green/White (G/W) wire connected to the Neutral/Side Stand Diode. There is no such connection. The diode has two spades that connect to paired Light Green/Black (Lg/Bl) and Light Green/Red (Lg/R) wires. The full wiring diagram on Page 18-1 shows the diode correctly.

2) Table on page 15-5 listing checks to be made from the CDI connectors. The first test says continuity between the Black/White (B/W) Ignition wire and body ground should be present with the ignition switch on and the Run/Stop switch on. I found the opposite to be true. Continuity is present when the ignition switch is off and the Run/Stop switch is on.

3) Same table on page 15-5. The Neutral Switch Line Test states continuity should exist between the G/W wire and body ground when the bike is in neutral. I found this was only true with the side stand up, which is consistent with the Side Stand Switch Line test. The Neutral Switch Line test does not work unless the side stand is up.

The remaining tests all worked as described.

Can anyone confirm that these are indeed errors or set me straight in my testing methods?

As far as I can tell, the manual is correct for at least some of that.

The safety system is somewhat complex, and contains a double-diode (3 terminals) and a single diode (2 terminals).

The double is behind the headlight, and the single is under the tank.

To bypoass ALL safeties, take both leads that go to the clutch switch, and ground them both. Yes, ground both of them.

I had a simplified wiring diagram for this part of the system over at, but they haven't been online for a few days.

Send me a msg with your email address and I'll shoot you the file.

If anyone wants to host the pic. I'll send it to 'em.


Thanks for the info Dave. Now that I am looking for it, I see the triple diode on the full wiring diagram. It is interesting that the double diode does not appear on the simplified diagram.

It would be nice if someone could confirm the Ignition Switch/Engine Stop Switch Line test and Neutral Switch Line test work as described on page 15-5.

I'm here at work and only have my safeties diagram handy.


Here's Dave's safeties wiring diagram: Xrl_safeties.gif


Thanks for getting that up there.

(course I could just put it on my earthlink page, but I'm lazy, lazy, lazy)

Pic of the dam, some ridges in CT (dualsport accessible only!), and the rocky hill sandpits that are now locked-down and flat dug-out.


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