AAARRGHH! Search engine sucks!! (Jetting ?)

Alright, I don't have a ton of time and the search engine never seems to work for me. I always get the search engine disabled message. :ride:

My question is for those with JD jet kits. Do you guys use the oring? :thumbsup: The picture on my instructions is not easy to decipher. I haven't taken it apart yet and want to make sure that if I am to install it that I know how it is supposed to go.

For those of you that don't use the oring, does using a smaller leak jet get the same benefit?

Thanks putting up with my search engine frustrations... :cry:

i run the jd kit in my 2004, and i have no idea what the "o-rings" are.

is this something included for the newer models?

Mine is an 04 too.

The kit came with two orings. The instructions say to put it over the accelerator pump adjustment screw and it has a picture. The problem is that the picture sucks. I cannot tell how they have it put on there.

I also just got the JD kit. I'm waiting to get home from a business trip to install it.

I had the same question about the o-rings. I thought the picture on my instructions were just bad, but it looks like a common issue.

Anyone out there use the o-ring for the accelerator pump???

I used the smaller o-ring from the JD Accel pump kit. It connects the accel pump push rod to the throttle so that it forces the push rod down and therfore pushes fuel out of the accel pump diaphram and into the carb/through the leak jet.

Start by slipping the o-ring over the screw that adjusts the accel pump gap and then loop it around the push rod linkage. I don't have any pics but hopefully this helps.

For those of you that don't use the oring, does using a smaller leak jet get the same benefit?
Using a smaller LJ will not accomplish the same thing as the AP mod. Actually, the smaller the LJ, the further the AP push rod will lag behind the throttle, which is what the AP mod is designed to address. This is not to say that you can't tune the AP with LJ's and without the O-ring mod, just that they address different concerns.

You can install the O-ring like travis said, but you'll probably need to use a larger leak jet to compensate for the additional pressure created by forcing the AP push rod. Another thing to consider is the length of the diaphragm stud. The stud will bottom on the AP cover before full throttle, which creates a gap between the link lever and the throttle cam at WOT. The O-ring will stretch in this situation, but if you want a full stroke AP, you'll have to shorten the diaphragm stud, as well.

I feel your pain, I hate it when I know the answer is out there and I can't search for it.......

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