2006 YZ450F Bar / Clamp Position


My friend and I have stock 2006 YZ450F's, bought from different dealers. Mine has the bar mounts with the bars further forward, but his came with them reversed with the bars closer to the rider.

What is the default position? I am 5'10 and he is 5'11", shouldn't we be running it in the same position? What is the best position for someone our height?



Really there is no "right" position for everyone. Just use what you feel is most comfortable. Hop on his bike for a while than hop back on yours. See what you like best. I personally have a triple clamp with windham (tall bars) pro taper bends and 55mm risers. They also adjust the position forward and back where the bar mounts on the triple and mine are inline with the forks. At a race school i went to, I was told your suspension works best with your handlebars closest to centerline of the forks. Hope that helps

BTW I am 6'3".

Stock position is forward.

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