Is this a PAS? (image)

Is this a pilot air jet screw?? For use with the FCR carby on a WR400...?

The holes look far to big to be a pilot and more like a main air jet screw if there is such a thing also.




Yep thats the one! :) Taffy posted that Patrick Burns said that from lightly seated all the way in if you turn out the srew that=

1/4 turn out =45 paj

3/8 turn out =55 paj

1/2 turn out =65 paj

5/8 turn out =75 paj

3/4 turn out =85 paj

7/8 turn out =95 paj

1 turn out =100 paj

1 1/8 turn out =110 paj

1 1/4 turn out =120 paj

1 1/2 turn out =125 paj

Hope this helps


[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]

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