Rear Caliper Bent

I have a 04 YZF450. I went to change the brake pads the other day and noticed that the top of the pads were completely worn out. The botttom of the pads still had about 1/4 inch of pads left. Put a new set of brake pads on, and have about 4 rides and noticed that the pads were wearing like an upside down V. Has anyone seen this problem? It looks like the two arms that come down on the side by the rear tire have bent out. Talk to two other guys that have 06 YZ250's and they have the same problem. Guess I need to get a new brake caliper.

I would try changing the slide pins first. There is one that is threaded into the caliper itself and one into the bracketAnd before I tried that I would grease the old ones. Did you hit something that you think bent the caliper?

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