wr stator on yz 400 1998

Looking to add lights to my yz 400 the most economical way possible, wont be doing much night riding but would like to get it street legal, what all parts are necessary to put a wr stator on a yz and will any of the parts from a wr 250 work in the 400, I found some new old stock wr 250 stator and lighting coil for 219.00 shipped, any help on this would be great

you need the stator and the flywheel. I'm not sure if the 250 one will work or not. After you get the right one though, you need to do the pink wire mod to make it all wire up. If you aren't conscerned about brightness, you may want to do a battery set-up that doesn't really need to run the headlight much, just enough to pass. PM me if you have questions about that set-up.

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