Aloop Kit Anyone have it ?

It cost 500 bucks... New thinner-higher seat with less arch, cr250 air shrouds, smaller tank..even though I love never running out of gas..never EVER! What do you think?.. Have any pics of yours?

Ive seen a few XR600Rs with that kit, look real modern, but the small tank! I went with a 5 gal Acerbis on mine since I was tired of the small stock tank, whihc is larger than the Aloop! Anyway, the bikes look sweet with that kit and A Loop makes it again for the 600R so it is a true bolt on. If they made it with even a 4.5 or even 4 gallon tank, Id do it in a heart beat. As it is Im going all black on the supermoto and ordering the last part I don;t have in black right now, A Clarke tank, 5 gal in black. Allready have the fneders and side covers...

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