Dual Exaust for a 426

First off can it be done??? I checked the search feature and there wasn't anything. The reason I am asking is because I recently bought a Q2 pipe and now have the stock left over. Yesterday, my neighbor gave me his old stock pipe so now I have two stock silencers... my thought is that maybe I could fab something up??? I believe I would have a lot of clearance issues with the left side panel.. I know this sounds kinda gay and pointless but I think it would be a fun project in my spare time. Also, if anyone has pics of that being done I would love to see how it looks and how they routed the tubes... Oh and I almost forgot, if anyone can come across a pic of a Honda CRF250R without its mud flap on that would be awesome..

Another thing I was thinking about was maybe taking a couple of inches off of the stock pipes.. I noticed that the crf has relatively short and small pipes. I figured it was for backpressure issues but I’m prolly wrong

FMF makes duel exhaust for newer models it comes with the 2 mufflers, mid pipe and header, and new air box. Not sure if it comes with a new side panel. All for $1500. Now with the stock mufflers you would have to find a different mid pipe and cut the air box. Then have to re-jet. If you want a duel exhaust system see if FMF makes it for your bike.

FMF makes dual exhaust for a bike other than the CRF250R???

FMF makes dual exhaust for a bike other than the CRF250R???

Yeah Transworld has done a test on the duel exhaust on a SX-F250 and then when they tested it on the RM-Z450 they said FMF has come out with duel exhaust for newer 450F and 250F models.

To put it succinctly, &%$#@! for?

To put it succinctly, &%$#@! for?

y not i have the extra parts and i think it might be different.... worth a shot.. test my fab skills

I'm with grayracer 513 on this one.....

I think the dual pipe concept is sound logically in making the bike have a better center of gravity; but being practical, is it really worth all the extra cash??

If you dump the bike, you now have the possibility of spending way more money to fix it.

I think the phrase "diminishing returns" applies here.

I am going to fabricate an old school down swept pipe for my YZ250 :thumbsup:

jk jk jk jk :ride:

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