Headlight replacement?

Anybody know were I can get a replacment headlight lens. I caught a rock in the lens on a trail ride, checked with the dealer and the only way to replace it is to buy the lens, lamp, and related hardware for $113.

You can buy the complete assembly (plastic, lens, bulb etc) from baja designs from $69. Any of the aftermarket headlights (complete assembly) from Acerbis, Mayer, UFO and others is from $69.

might be worth it to make a wire cover for the light that can be removed easily. Like the covers you see on Jeeps, etc.


Baja designs also sells a wire cover for the WR Headlight....I also learned the hard way...


Bonzai :)

Another alternative.

3M sells a clear vinyl that you can stick right on the lens cover. It is quite thick maybe 20mm? It is available through automotive specialty suppliers made specifically for this purpose. It absorbs all the big rock shots and is less obstrusive that those ugly wire guards. I have been running it on my WR for 2 years without incident. Just a thought.


Mine will never break again....(It's now hanging up on the wall of my trailer.....


Bonzai :)

Now that you braged it would never break, it will fall off the wall in a freak accident. Something in the floor will poke through the wire and break the lens, also getting the bulb. All this while the trailer is sitting in your driveway :)


I cable tied it to the wall this morning just in case...

Bonzai :)

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