anyone using these?

seeing cooling is such a hot topic, i thought i'd ask if anyone has tried these.

a person i know who rides a quad (careful not to refer to as friend) and he swears by it, but then again quad riders are not ususally reliable sources of information, because thay dont have balance or else they would ride motorbikes. seems like a good idea, although i'd be inclined to possibly use more than one.

and before any thin skinned oversensitive quad defenders focus on my opinion of them, it is called need to involve gun ownership and civil liberties to reply.

Heatsink is certainly a well proven technology. It's hot as hell most of the time where I live, it would interesting to see how much these helped.


aha, just finding more info from another site. they are saying that some tests done showed almost no difference, but this was using a 'straight through' flow one. these ones claim to slow the flow down ( mmm doesnt feel right) and the one the quad person showed me had a conical inlet and outlet.

my thoughts are along the lines of using 2- 4 of these.

btw bullwinkle, your signature is from the aussie movie Breaker Morant about a guy who was executed by the british to cover another one of their F..k ups.

great flick with aussie movie legend Bryan Brown. you may know him from FX

Yea, the quote is from Breaker Morant - it's one of my favorite movies. Plus I collect (mostly) WW2 and earlier military rifles. I have several British No. 1 (including a Lithgow) and No. 4 rifles, plus a No. 5 Jungle Carbine. All .303's.


Dude, there is no way that there is enough material in that tiny thing (heat sinc area wise) to make any difference in temperature. If it was a foot or two long, you might get a degree or two drop in temp. But then again, that would kinda defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? As short as it is, there wouldn't be enough contact with the fluid and the metal to make any difference either. Save your money!


yeah one of my favourites too, although i do become a little miffed at the poms after.

" need to involve gun ownership and civil liberties to reply."

actually i dont mind this type of gun ownership type conversation as its collector based, not personality disorder and insecurity based.

back to subject..... hippie... dont call me dude.... but yes i do agree that given its size i was a little sceptical of its effectiveness and thats why i wondered about 2- 4 of them, but the the weight will start to be a factor. ( bike will overheat due to excess weight of cooling add ons haha)

anyway, just thought i'd ask.

it just seems that there must be more cooling options for either oil or water without having to build half a space shuttle like Indy or needing the ability like he has.

i live by the keep it simple ideals and due to not being able to make something as intricate as Indy there must be an easier way.

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