ElectroSport Stator.

Anyone tried the Electosport stator for the YZ450? I was looking at the Electrex stator, but this one is cheaper and produces 50W. That would be enough to get a descent headlight running for my brother on his '03 YZ 450, then run LEDs for the rest. What do you all think? I'm not a YZ fellow since I own a DRZ, and certainly not an electritian, but some info would help.


Anyone I've talked to have not been happy w/ the things. They only produce 50W at high rpm which your bike will not be running most of the time. Might be the only option for him right now though.

So the electrex would be better?

They are all the same. They don't put out enough power. I think Electrex rated their's at close to 70W if I remember right, but it seems to be the same story. If you would like the headlight to remain somewhat bright at idle, you need a battery set-up which starts getting a hair costly, but still doable. I the email to a rep at Electrex that has been extremely helpful to me when I had the same question. Maybe he could help you out a little better. PM me if you would like it.

Shoot me that email for the electrex fellow if you would.

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