Shorty gas cap vent

Ok i bought one of them stupid shorty gas cap vent tubes because i am tired of gas being pissed all over my fender. I have a 2006 YZ450f and after i put it on gas was spewing out from under the tube like it wasnt sealing good. Is there anyway to seal it tight to the cap, cuz now its pissing on my tank?????? thanks

Id just JB weld it on there.

You wouldnt ever be able to get it back off though, just so you know.

Make sure everything is clean and dry before using the jb.

To be totally honest,put the stock hose back on the cap. Without going into a whole story,they cause trouble!

I don't get any problems or gas anywhere with my stock one...

i bought one of those no-toil billet gas caps with no vent tube at all. it was a little spendy(about $100 bucks) but i also hate that vent hose and i always thought the shorty ones looked kind of stupid. looked like your bike has a mini hardon.. dennis kirk has the no-toil billet caps if you are interested. the only leakage i have had is from people taking off my fuel cap looking for the vent and not getting it back on tight enough.. still didn't leak out hardly anything. it works pretty trick.

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