Valvoline super coolant

Any one ever tried valvoline super coolant?

I have problems overheating my yz400f no matter how I ride if its over 85 degrees out, and i have a 1.6 bar radiator cap!

I'm about to give this stuff a try, I'm guessing its like redline water wetter, but if it cools 25% better then normal coolant like they say, I'm sure it will help me out quite a bit.

I'm going on a 3 day ride in sand next week so I will be ack to inform everyone on its performance.

Its like 9 dollars for a quart, and you mix it 90/10 so it will make like 2.5 gallons, its a deal.

Never used it, but try Engine Ice.

Just lettin everyone know, THIS STUFF WORKS GREAT!!!

I was always overheating and loosing coolant when it was over 85 degrees out.

I just went for a ride and it didnt puke once!!!

What's the price comparison to engine ice?

Also, aren't car radiators made out of different material? What kind of long term effects would occur? I personally doubt it could be that different, but maybe someone else knows of a bigger chemical problem that could occur in a different kind of radiator. I just thought I'd pose the question.

Come on, someone has to be a "Coolant Expert" :ride:

............what is the poop on coolant? :thumbsup:

i've tried every dang thing there is,engine ice, water wetter,max cool,etc.... the only thing that actually stays in the bike is evans NPG-R. its waterless and doesn't cool quite as well at lower temps but it really shines when it gets hot. it reduces molar cavitation in the water jacket therefore providing more cooling when you need it. i've ran/raced on the same fluid without having to add any for just over a yr(i really shouyld change it!) that included a 96' race a few wks ago,no prob :thumbsup:

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