Source for new engine?

Looking for an XR600 engine as mine needs a rebuild. Figure might be easier to buy a new one. Or...anyone know of a great XR building shop in western US?

Not sure...maybe Ebay? Really, I just wanted to post to say: LONG LIVE THE HAWKGT!! :thumbsup:

Steet bike to racebike and hopefully someday back to street bike: p10100433jm.jpg

Yeah I've tried ebay.

Here's my version:


Yeah I've tried ebay.

Here's my version:


Nice ride man. That thing looks more modern than a damn hayabusa. :thumbsup::ride::cry:

Email Al Bakers XRs only and tell them what you want to do to yours and thell give you a quote. Id guess if yo want to do a total re-build and theres nothing wrong with your crank or tranny you are looking at about $700.00 or maybe thereabouts for a great stout motor. I may send them my supermoto ottor and have them do a 630, porting, big fin head, new bearings and seals on the whole thing, thats about a 700.00 dollar deal I think.

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