xr 650l poping on decel

i just purchased an 03' xr 650l. it has w.b. slip on, all the smog stuff removed and the guy i bought it from said the local honda shop re-jetted it for him (not sure if dyno jet or just new jets). on other bikes i have had i would just adjust the idle mixture screw out if the bikes pop on decel. is this the same for this type of carb? thanks for any help.

p.s. other then this the bike runs fine and really rips. pulls the front up no prob. with just throttle no clutching!!!!!! :thumbsup:

I've had a lot of luck correcting that problem swapping up to a larger pilot jet. I imagine yours is a CV type carb. You will need to open her up anyway to find out what you have, but once you have your jet specs, I'm sure with a search you can find what has worked well for your bike with an aftermarket pipe so you wont' have to do much experimenting. Good luck.

Search for Dave's mods. That will fix your problem. It did for me!

I removed all the smog junk and was surprised that it didnt realy

stop any of the popping on decel.

The bike still needs to be jetted , but obviously the smog pump

doesn't have much to do with the popping .

if the popping slowed down 10% after pump removal i would be surprised.

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