2000 WR 400 an hot cams

Are there any reliability problems after installing the hot cams auto decompression exhaust cam in trusty old blue! I kind of like the idea of auto decompression but don't want to ruin a good bike. Will it still be easy to start? Does it change any of the performance? I have all the free mods done except to change my timing! :thumbsup:

I've got about 2000 miles on a set of hotcams with no problems. I did a rebuilt about 1500 miles ago, but for unrelated reasons. I have both the intake and exhaust cams, and the pair made a noticeable difference. A bit more mid-range hit, and a boat load more on top. Plus, it revs a whole lot quicker. I understand that the bulk of the performance improvement, however, comes from the intake cam, and that if you run only the exhaust cam, it will be very similar to a WR with YZ cam timing.

Thankyou!!! I think I need to order one. :thumbsup:

order both I did and love it have to crack throttle when starting

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