22.5mm clamps for the 06

has anyone had any experience trying out the applied 22.5mm offset clamps on the 06? im looking at motoworldracing.com and they have them for the 05 two strokes, but arent the fork tubes the same size? you have to use your own steering stem so so it should fit. my bike wants to keep turning out of ruts to the inside. maybe if clamps arent my fix, what would be another problem im having mechanically. i can get on my friends 250f with stock clamps and rail through them with no problems. thanks everyone for the help

I might be wrong but I believe that applied has a 27 mm offset clamp set for the 06 450, that supposedly helps with the steering issues. Stock offset is 24mm so going with the 22.5 is definitely going in the wrong direction.

I have the 22.5's on my 06 yz 250. I think applied racing is wrong. RG3 only makes stock spec triple clamps and 22.5's for the yz's.

Obviously everyone is going to feel something different with bike geometry, but I am sold on the 22.5 offset.

stock is 25mm applied has 27mm for the 250f and 24mm for the 450.

Applied 24

RG3 22

TriStar 22.5 (I am using these)

Ride Eng 22.5 or 22 not sure

Emig 23

Stock 25

Factory R&D 22 or 22.5 also not sure

I have ridden with 22.5,24,25 and 27 and settled on the 22.5

vs779, how do you like the 22.5, i know thats what clark stiles has on his bike, something must work for them.

The Applied 22.5 for the earlier models ('05 and prior) will not fit the '06. The forks are the same 48mm diameter, and the clamp bores are the same size, but the tubes are spaced 2mm farther apart (the axle lugs are set in 1mm each to compensate and allow the older wheels and axles to interchange). Also, I believe the '06 stem is different.

The '06 is a very different animal than the '03/'05, and even different than the '06 250F. IMO, it doesn't have any steering issues. Applied claims to have conducted extensive blind testing with the '06 YZ250F, and the clamp most riders chose as their favorite was the 27mm. (Stock is 25mm) I have seen posts by riders who have ridden the '06 450 back to back with both the stock clamp and the 27 and felt that the stock was better.

I don't have any idea what steering issue you're finding to complain about, but I'd recommend you ride an '06 with the clamps, or buy an E-Axle from Rekluse before you drop $450 on something that will do nothing good for you.

thanks gray, I've looked into the E-Axle, but Im not to sure if Im sold on it. MXA did a test on it a few issues back and said that it was better than buying new clamps. But I guess 200 bucks is better than 450. My bike tends to come out the inside of ruts. Maybe my fork oil level isnt even, or my clickers arent even. Either way, Im going to the track today to make sure everything is kosher and that everything is even. Also, my sag is set at 105mm(maybe thats my issue), and everyone that I have talked to on here says set it at 98mm, that just seems stiff to me. Im going to try it, and we'll see how it goes.

Setting the sag higher doesn't make it stiffer. Only changing the spring can do that. It simply controls the rear ride height, and because of that, it influences the head angle. And the bike is quite sensitive to small changes in head angle, it seems, so that may very well correct your problem. Mine is set up with the forks up to the first scribed line, or abut 5mm, and I have no problem or compliant with the steering. But then, ruts in corners are not a big issue in SoCal, except for maybe Glen Helen. I did lose the front end once, but I was pushing the bike far harder than I do my '03 at the time, and then I pretty near saved it.

But if I were to alter the trail on the bike to fix that sort of thing, it would most definitely not be by increasing it (reducing the offset). That's the wrong direction to go, IMO, for a bike that turns in too easily. Try the sag/fork height first. That will reduce the head angle slightly, which will also cut back on the trail slightly as well.

Well, my forks are in the clamps up to the first line. I was riding a 03 yz450f before, so the new one turns much better. Seeing how the bike is only one month old, I haven't don't all that much with it. But, I set the sag at 97mm and what a difference it made. The bike handled so much smoother, took less energy to ride and also stuck in ruts (on a muddy track). I've always been told to set it at 95-100mm, but whoever found out that 97-98 is the magic number is absolutely genius. This is the yz that I've been waiting for, especially since riding that brick I had before. Thanks everyone (especially gray) for all the help. I knew I would come around, but it took a little persuasion. Thanks again.


do you know anyone that has tried the Rekluse axle? Any info would be appreciated.

Not personally, no. MXA said it works, but they had some concerns. Try and get a copy of the write up they did (I missed it). I think their points were that it slightly complicates front wheel installation ( because you have to index the eccentrics that the axle sits in), and they were concerned that it wasn't as strong as the OEM axle in the long term, although they didn't damage one while testing it.

I was hot to buy one, but now I think I'm waiting for another '06.

Like I said I tried all four clamps and felt the 22.5 just gave the bike a more planted feel and improved cornering from center out.

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