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'02 Oil change

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I'm new to the bike so I was wondering if someone could give me a step-by-step of how to change it, clean the oil filter... all that good stuff. I'm still waiting on my owner's manual, but I'd like to change the oil today.

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On the 02 both the engine and tran drain bolts are on the same side.

First open the fill plug.

Second remove the drain plug closet to the outside (located behind the shift lever)

tilt the bike slightly and drain

third remove the filter cover slowly there are 2 different legnth bolts so be cognisent of where they came out of. there is also a spring on the back of the filter that will come out too.

I drain the bike and they wipe out any excess that is in the filter area and the rubber seal

replace the filter with the sping, the cover will only line up one way so you might have to spin it till it does line up with the holes.

Replace the drain plug

Add oil.

Hondas like to burn oil so i always run my oil to the high line. You will see the markings on the glass window . give the bike some kicks (without firing it up) to push oil through the filter then check the level again.

On the trans side

Open the Oil add plug (opposite side of oil plug

remove the bolt on the same side as the engine oil but further back

drain the oil

On the trans side you will see a small hex nut with a philips head screwdriver X in it. You want to remove this! it is between the water pump and the clutch case.

after the oil is drained replace the drain bolt

add trans oil and while the bike is balanced add oil till it starts to come out that little hole where the hex nut was. This will mean you have added enough oil

replace the nut and then the oil add plug

easy as pie!!

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I would not to trust the transmission fill bolt, the little hex head with the phillips in it...it is not always accurate, or the sight glass. Add the recommended amounts of oil and you will know it is right:

Transmission(fill on kickstarter side) - 590cc or .62 qts.

Engine side drain only(fill on shift lever side) - 660cc or .70 qts.


Engine side w/oil filter change - 690cc or .73 qts.

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Man... I couldn't get that drain bolt off. I even tried vice grips and all it started doing was chewing up the bolt. Should I take it to a shop so they can replace that bolt before I do any damage?

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