anything i should know?

i am going to tear down the bike and lube all the stuff that needs it. swingarm, wheels, steering tube ect. any secrets or problems? i have the factory book and looks pretty stright.

oh its a 01 426

thanks for any info


It's no big deal...I recommend that when you do the swing arm that you start from the link and work backwards through the manual. I used brake cleaner and compressed air to clean out the bearings and then repacked everything with waterproof lithium grease. Don't forget to closely inspect for excessive wear on your chainwheels as well...especially the front one.

Just checked mine after 6 months <still good> after about 20 rides....

Have fun....

Bonzai :)

thanks. by the book it does not look hard but you never know.


Be advised at first glance, your swing arm bearings look like the typical needle bearing/race arrangement where the needles are removable and are only held in the race with grease. There is actually a tan colored plastic cage (easily camouflaged by the old grease) that holds the needles in place, so leave all the sharp pointy tools in the toolbox and don’t try to remove these needle bearings individually to clean them. You will gouge and ruin the soft needle cage.

Also, be sure to use a small amount of anti-seize thread lube one the linkage bolts and torque everything to spec.

scott h......that's funny, I was gonna mention that too :) . Oh well, those probably needed to be replaced anyways(only way to feel better about pulling a bonehead maneuver). Good call and sound advice scott.

pretty darn easy. :) thanks for the input.


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