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Post all useful links here!

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I thought we could turn this into a good thread with quality health-related links. This could maybe turn into a sticky?

Here are my favorite health and fitness related Web sites:

Lots of good advices


The best feature is the Exercise & Muscle Directory, with maps of the muscles targetted and videos:


Know what's in all your favorite food, including fast food:


The same people made this great site about supplements:


Men's Health is a good all around magazine:


Body Building is not necessarily a site for those who want to look like Arnie. It's got some good advices on exercises, nutrition and supplements:


Now it's your turn, complete this list of links with some description!

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The old food pyramid was idiotic and obviously politically motivated. It ignored food preferences, age, activity and ethnicity.


This site lets you create your own pyramid according to all these factors.

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