CDI gremlin?

I have a 2000 WR400 which I bought brand new in 2000. It has always been the beast to beat. I did the standard mods and added an e-series pipe and proceeded to ride it problem free for the past 6 years. I have never had problems with timing, jetting, etc. Now, out of the blue, it won't idle unless revved, and will die on decelleration. It runs strong wide open, but as soon as you let off the throttle, it bogs down. I tore apartt he carb, replaced the sparkplug, changed the oil, cleaned the air filter, changed the gas, but stillt he same problem.

I did several searches on CDI's and Idle problems, but the symptoms were not exactly alike. Does it sound like the CDI? Is there another culprit? Could it be the stator? I have a trip planned for August, so I need to fix it quick.


No one? <chirp, chirp> :thumbsup::ride:

Is this an unusual question? I had hoped for SOME kind of response. :ride::thumbsup::cry:

My 01 seems to mysteriously die from time to time, cant figure it out.

Did you check the slide for cracks when you cleaned the carb?

My guess is it's not likely the cdi and probably fuel related. As bigdrtrdr suggested you may want to take a close look at the throttle slide plate. The early bikes with the 1st generation FCR carbs had a propensity for cracking the slide plate with the engine ingesting the resulting pieces. Also if the slide has been out recently make sure the slide plate is installed correctly (yes you can put it in upside down and don't ask me how I know!).

Thanks for the replies. Aparently I did not use the right size needle to clean the pilot jet. :ride: I tore apart the carb again, pulled out each jet again, and discovered the pilot jet was still blocked. :cry: Once I cleaned it PROPERLY, the bike ran like a dream. :thumbsup: Thanks again.

Why is it, there is never time to do it right, but always time to do it over?

I know this thread is old but a big right on to bigdrtrdr!! I was going nutz with my 98 wr 400. It just started to not idle out of no where. I took the carb off twice never looking at the slide. I had it off today and was searching the threads and sure enough it had two huge cracks and ready to be eaten like PBDBLUE wrote. Thanks to Bartelby for posting!

Mine started to do the same thing after the adjustable fuel mixture screw vibrated out. if not sounds like a plugged pilot jet also, how about if you pull on the choke somewhat, does that help?

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