Fuel flow on 426

Whenever the fuel selector is in any position other than "OFF", fuel flows right out of the carburetor tubing. Turn the fuel selector to "OFF" and the flow stops. WHY IS IT JUST FLOWING STRAIGHT THROUGH?!!? :thumbsup:

You could have a piece of debris in the float valve, not allowing it to close fully (or) you could have a stuck float. Give the carb a couple of good taps with a hammer or crescent wrench. If the flow doesn't stop, you will have to pull the carb and probably give it a good cleaning.

Turns out the needle valve was sticking. Recently I'd have alot of fuel flow through the carb, but only when trying to start the bike. Before the constant fuel flow there was no fuel flow... thanks to the sticky needle valve. After its all cleaned up and the float was tweaked a bit she runs great!

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