engineerless oil cooler idea

after looking at Indy's oil cooler, i realise that a mod of that nature is beyond my ability and probably not required given the type of riding i do, and the fact my bike is not as high preformance and has no rekluse that generates heat, however i really do like the idea of cooling the oil as less heat equals less wear etc.

I've been thinking.... i have a couple of mates with metal lathes and the ability to create something like this.

does anyone see either a benefit or possible problem with this idea as i believe if i bought another oil line and had it modified as per diagram, it would have to reduce the heat of the oil returning to the tank in the frame.

would it be of so little benefit that its not worth it or does any think this may have a positive effect on cooling.?


how ya gonna get them onto the pipe has fixings at both ends ??

Cooling oil is a more difficult proposition than cooling water because oil does not conduct heat within itself very well by comparison. Pretty much the only oil that will absorb heat from a metal part, or shed heat to a metal part is the oil touching that part. As a result, an oil cooler needs to be made so that it slows the oil flow velocity within the cooler without reducing the net flow volume through it, normally by increasing the size of the conduit through the cooler, and it needs to maximize the surface area the oil can come in contact with.

You would accomplish something by using your design as illustrated, but how much is questionable. Make the I.D. of the cooler section as large as feasible for the best results. In the end, you may be better off buying a very small automotive cooler and mounting it near the steering head in the return line.

I have an oil cooler on mine.

gray racer, thanks for your feed back.

yes you're probably right about purchasing a existing cooling system.

i dont know if you saw the little one dan mounted on that ct 70, it seemed like the right part, nice and simple and even looked good.

yes the amount of cooling as opposed to the amount of effort is what i was hoping to determine, maybe not engineerless after all.

xr man, i would have bought another oil line and had the cooler either heated or migged on, whichever was most suitable.

5 star please show us photo of your oil cooler

thanks again respondants

I took a 400ex (quad) oil cooler and hooked it up in the oil lines.

any pics as to how you mounted it and how you connected the lines.

i know this sounds fairly simple, but some pics would be handy.


for your reply.

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