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Eddie,some jetting questions?

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Finally getting the bike back together with that motor you built way back whene.

You recommended 160main, emp needle, 45 pilot, 100 PAJ,clip 3,2 turns fuel screw. Coast enrich. removed. 2000 to 4000 ft.

just realized sudco sent me 100 MAJ instead of 100 PAJ. and dont want to wait for another order.

This is the jets and needles I have on hand.

Needles- EMP, EMM, JD bue and red.

Main Jets- 155, 158, 160,162, 165.

Pilot jets- 38,45,48.

Pilot air jets- 60,70,72.

I was going to run 160 main, 38 PJ, 70 PAJ, DJ blue 2nd clip. (Yosh TRS w/small inset).

Can you give me recommendation with what I have?

I will order the 100PAJ and go back to original recommendation later.

Thanks. Russ

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