yz400f heads ups?

hi, i have a ktm 200xc for racing woods right now, but im looking into buying a yz400f for cheap from a friend to turn into a supermoto/dualsport bike

anything i should look for, any known problems?

thanks for the help guys

get a service manual and go through the basic maintenance. check all your bearings and seals. and you should find anything that is wrong with it. i have one and i love it. hope you have fun with it.

timing chain ask if its been replaced........throttle cables at housing in carb check them.........

Test ride it and check for leaks. open the radiator cap and make sure there is good water flow. Watch out for blue exhaust smoke. Ask about the oil change schedule. If this checks out then you will likely have very few problems. People on this forum commonly refer to the 400 as "bulletproof" and I would say I have to fully agree. In fact my yz 400 is the only one that doesn't have problems when we go out for rides. :thumbsup: Have fun it's a great bike.

THe only thing hat bike needs is an updated cam that includes the auto decompressor, aside from that, it should serve you well.

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